Who is this anatomy of yours? The blogger boasted of her waist, and the audience saw the best cosplay on the hourglass

The girl demonstrated her forms in the video, and it became clear who the lines were written about: “Her waist is an anomaly.” Indeed, with such bends, you can even compete with an hourglass. Carefully, one glance at her – and the ribs are already aching with pain.

Tiktok user Lilly with nickname mrsmosquito calls yourself a special girl from Nigeria. The blogger shoots videos about life in this country, and also pleases the subscribers of the video with her figure. The secret of Lilly’s content success is her thin waist, which looks even more against the background of wide hips.

Girl proved this is in one of my last posts. In a video published on March 19, at the request of a subscriber, she joined the trend in which people show their waist in corsets and surprised viewers with her shapes.

In the video, Lilly first demonstrates her waist without shaping accessories and a belt with which she will tie her waist.

Who is this anomaly of yours?  The blogger showed her waist, and people realized that she was a rival of Dita von Teese
Tiktoker shows her waist without a belt

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Then Lilly pulls her belly with a belt, and the woman’s waist becomes abnormally thin indeed. The lower ribs seem to be out of the chat.

Who is this anomaly of yours?  The blogger showed her waist, and people realized that she was a rival of Dita von Teese
Tiktokersha tightened her waist with a belt

Lily’s video flew into a tiktok recommendation and has been watched by over 24 million people.

After such a demonstration, viewers began to think that Lily had an alternative anatomy.

Other commentators are worried about the girl’s health.

The girl considers natural data to be the secret of her figure. To questions from subscribers, she replies that the whole point is that she is African. However, training and dieting, according to Lilly, also helped her win the hearts of the audience.

It’s time to arrange a competition for the narrowest waist, because Lilly has a competitor. The wasp woman tightened the corset and broke the people. Her waist broke all the laws of anatomy.

And the other girl does not even need slimming accessories to surprise everyone with a waist like Thumbelina. She just won the genetic lottery.


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