Who is your favorite shinobid? (X)

Naruto is one of those animes that is known even to those who don’t otherwise prefer the Japanese animated series.

In the following, we will address three topics, and we are already guessing that everyone’s inner ninja self is burning with the desire to see if he can agree with us or, accompanied by a “shannaro,” to try to smash our faces.

It will be about the various shinobi, who we envy even our weapons and abilities, and if you have slept under the rock of the righteous dream so far, we will briefly summarize for you who or what Naruto is.

Why do they love Naruto so much?

Naruto is one of those animes that seems infinitely long for someone who hasn’t dipped in them yet. Like most anime, this one was born from an adaptation of a manga. The pilot chapter of the manga was composed by Kishimoto Masashi, published by Shueisha, and in 1997, and then in 1999, the very first complete manga was released. The anime, which is very popular not only in Japan, first debuted in 2002, came to us in 2008. Thanks to Date Hair, we can follow the adventures of the blond ninja boy.

The anime follows the adventures of a young ninja boy, Naruto, whose determined plan is to become a Hokage. The story is full of twists and turns and huge lessons. Writers also regularly open the eyes of children, adolescents and adults that not everyone is evil, who first seems to have tragic heroes about the role of friendship and love. Naruto is not a simple tale. An exciting story, which small and large can even enjoy together.

Because of his early appearance, many of us grew up with Naruto and the others. And the success of anime and manga is nothing better than running his third “season” – Naruto, Naruto Shippuden and the latest Boruto – which are complemented by separate films.

Who is your favorite?

The INFINITY Case team has compiled a list of fighters whose weapons and abilities we envy. Do you agree with them?

You can quickly spark a heated debate among fans by mentioning their favorite characters. If you just throw in Itachi’s name at a company open to this, you’ll not only start a debate, but you’ll soon see who holds where in the story based on the reactions. While Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, and the films that connect them, are clearly surrounded by love, the adventures of Boruto and Sarada are already shared by fans. Which camp do you belong to? Do you think they will outgrow their parents? Will Boruto, Himawari, Kawaki or Sarada become the strongest shinobi? How much longer are the thrills of Avar Hidden twisted?

Hardcore fans, attention!

If you chose as your ninja path that you would sacredly follow the adventures of Naruto and even your son, then we have only one question left for you.

Why don’t you decorate your smartphone with a shinobi-worthy case ?!

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