Why can’t you compare yourself to models in advertising? The blogger showed the wrong side of the photo shoots, and you will like it

The blogger showed with a specific example why girls should not compare themselves with models, and the audience is happy. Before the final perfect picture – hours of work on photos and life hacks from the best stylists. But, showing herself natural, the heroine broke the templates.

Tiktokersha from the States, registered under the nickname kenzlawren, works in the modeling business (in addition, the girl is known to a narrow circle of viewers for her role in the film Stolen Season). As a rule, a blogger shoots videos with beauty content, shows castings and shares tips from catwalk stars (for example, from Canadian supermodel Coco Roshi).

But on March 27 kenzlawren explained why girls should not compare themselves to the “ideals” that can be seen on billboards. In the video, which gained more than six million views, the blogger recalled that during the filming, the models receive make-up and hairstyles from top stylists.

Screenshot video kenzlawren

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In addition, one must not forget about the equipment, which, according to kenzlawren, costs thousands of dollars, and the final images (at the exit, specialists retouch the images for hours).

By the time you see the photo, you are only looking at the final product. This is unrealistic. This is real.

At the end of the video, the tiktoker showed her “real” self with skin problems and clearly visible acne.

After watching the video, the commentators noticed: the model looks great even without a ton of make-up.

The followers thanked the tiktoker and decided that such content would give girls confidence and break stereotypes about the “ideal” skin and figure of models.

Another blogger got caught up in the river with a simple lip-syncing video. But it was far from a matter of skills – the heroine reminded users of the show star and former The Weeknd Bella Hadid.

And the Russian woman had enough to post a cosplay for the Black Widow, as the fans of Scarlett Johansson kicked the actress out of the chat. Users called the girl the best double, because not everyone could distinguish her from Romanoff.


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