Why “Don’t touch my post!” has already finished his season

VIDEO – Last Thursday, Cyril Hanouna presented the last of “TPMP” and since Monday, the game “Take it or leave it” is offered to viewers.

«The darlings, there will be only eleven shows from tomorrow, before the end of the season since June 10 will be the last of “TPMP”», Announced Cyril Hanouna on May 24th. Indeed, since Monday, only its competitors Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine and Yann Barthès remain in the access prime time box. En lieu and in place of “Do not touch My TV“On C8, the game” Take it or leave it “now led by Christophe Dechavanne. It’s June 14th, why has the C8 host already finished his season?

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There is no end of season rule at Cyril Hanouna. Last year, the last one was broadcast in mid-May and “C’est que du kif”, still presented by the host, then took over. In 2019, the season was extended until June 27. This year, if the show ends early, Euro 2020 may have something to do with it. The channel probably wants to avoid confronting the talk show with competition. Especially since the matches are generally scheduled around 8:50 p.m., when the audience of Cyril Hanouna is at the zenith. The beginnings of “Take it or leave it” are also timid, only 309,000 people (1.7% of PDA) in front of the first part Monday evening and 470,000 in front of the second part (2.2% of PDA). This configuration is reminiscent of that of 2018. The host-producer had animated his last season on June 14, four days after the start of the World Cup which then suffered his best-of audience side.

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For his last, Thursday, June 9, Cyril Hanouna took a few minutes in the middle of the show to thank his columnists and his shadow team. Without forgetting the chain for “the freedom of your“Which she leaves to him and the shareholder Vincent Bolloré”who does not never let go and who is still there». He acknowledged that “the audiences were a little sluggish, not to say disgusting»At the start of the season. “But I never doubted the strength of the program“, he added. “Over the last three months, since 2016, audiences have never been so highs ”, he finally recalled. For the last, about 680,000 fanzouzes (3.5% of PDA) were gathered in front of the first part, 1.3 million viewers (6.3% of PDA) in front of the second part with Francis Lalanne.


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