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The season of meeting and parting “Spring” is at the same time“Reflection”It is also the season of.

so,“I want to have fun reflecting on such things and such things so that I can have a pleasant new life.”Accommodation plan for those who say“Reflection training camp”Provides the experience of “more than a tavern and less than a trip”“Hoshino Resort BEB5 Tsuchiura”so,March 1stStart from (until May 31st).

In this plan, BEB5 Tsuchiura will do its utmost to help guests concentrate on their “reflection”.

First of all, what is prepared after check-in is the familiar nickname of “Mito Komon”.Cosplay of the second feudal lord of the Hitachi Mito Domain, “Tokugawa Mitsukuni”It is.

© Hoshino Resorts

Mitsukuni is a person who is said to have embarked on a journey of poetic justice and disciplined daimyo and daikan who practice bad politics.

Arrangements were added, such as making a slightly raised table look like a court in the Edo period.Reflection roomIs also available, so if you enjoy it together with cosplay, you will definitely feel more remorse.

In addition, the room is BEB original“Reflection Guide Book”Prepare. It is said that there is an icebreaker method for fun reflection and a game method that makes you talk about reflection stories that are a little difficult to talk about.

Also,Pamphlet listing stores that can deliver dinner to the hotelIt is also nice to be able to arrange dinner without leaving the hotel.

At check-outThe staff of BEB Tsuchiura dressed as Mitsukuni is the BEB original “Reflection Certificate”Will be awarded.

It’s mottekoi for those who want to have a refreshing new life, but it may be a recommended plan for those who want to make a little unusual spring memories.

© Hoshino Resorts

© Hoshino Resorts

Top image: © Hoshino Resort


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