“With mind and sword” 17-year-old Anuar Tayshybaev makes a living

– I started playing wooden toys at the age of 13. I bought a jigsaw with money I earned even earlier, from another business …

Seeing our surprise, the guy laughs and explains: the business vein woke up in him in the fifth grade. The business was simple: buy and sell, but allowed me to believe in myself and save some money.

“Mom and I live alone,” continues Anuar. – There is no home, almost all the money she earned went to rent an apartment. Often there was not even enough for food. I found out that AliExpress exists. He broke a piggy bank and ordered a smart watch there for five thousand tenge. I sold it for ten. Now I have already bought two watches. Sold again.

Anuar recalls how he himself took customers their orders, explained how to use the gadget. He is a tall guy, and his tongue is hanging – no one believed that he was only 11 years old. Having earned money, he ran to the store and proudly brought home full packages of groceries.

– In Karaganda, where we lived then, it was a novelty. And my idea went well. But later on I got competing wholesalers. They retailed watches for less than I could afford. I started looking for another niche, because my family needed my earnings, – says Anuar.

School labor lessons came to the rescue. There the boys were taught wood carving. Anuar liked it. In the house where she and her mother rented an apartment, everyone knew the carver boy: he could not work without noise. The creative impulses of the young master did not please the neighbors. However, this hobby again helped the family find financial stability. The young entrepreneur’s instinct did not disappoint this time either. After analyzing the market, he realized: the dollhouses are going with a bang.

– With the money I earned on the watch, I bought material – birch plywood – and an electric jigsaw, – Anuar shares. – I developed the design myself. I painted the house and even pasted wallpaper. I sold my first copy to a friend for 35 thousand tenge. For that time in Karaganda it was an unthinkable amount. The rest of the houses were sold cheaper. But we did them, too, conscientiously. Everything was in them, even the doll furniture. Painstaking work. Mom helped me.

Mom of the guy Tota TAYSHYBAYEVA, who at that time earned about 45 thousand tenge from office work, seeing her son’s triumph in the doll real estate market, even quit her job.

They set out to approach the matter thoroughly: it was long and unprofitable to cut out the parts with hands, it was decided to take the machine. Its price – a cosmic sum for a family – did not stop the entrepreneurs. We moved to Almaty to work. We got a job in a furniture shop.

– Imagine, some men work … and Anuarchik and I. He came to the shop after school. Even transferred to evening training, – the woman laughs, straightening her headscarf. – Furniture makers could bend with obscenities, without embarrassing anyone. But we, a religious woman and teenager, managed not to break down and make good money there. We had a lot of orders. Even people were hired first. And now my 14-year-old son is walking – a little leader … It was only psychologically difficult. At first, no one wanted to obey him.

Having saved up for a machine that cost as much as a middle-class car, Anuar and Thoty thought they were getting closer to their dream. But it was not there.

“The company where I bought this machine promised to provide me with the software for it,” Anuar recalls. – But in the end I only got the machine. For about six months he figured out himself, picked up programs, stuffed his hand.


Things went well, and Anuar set up the production of eco-toys and souvenirs. Houses for dolls with furniture, boxes, household small things and whole quarters of lamps in the English style and under the “Harry Potter”. And also educational toys for children. I even sawed out a Tesla. I have not forgotten my childhood passion for wooden weapons in the style of my favorite anime. I sold my works at fairs and through social networks. Very soon, Anuar became his own in the Almaty geek-get-together. He even began filming the process of making toys and sharing videos with his subscribers. Before the lockdown, I began to think about conducting master classes for the guys. And he entrusted the sale of toys to specialized stores.

– Today the theme of my work is toys fashionable among young people. Plywood weapons stylized as ammunition for anime and computer games characters: katanas, kunai, karambit knives, says Anuar. – The audience of my customers has also changed. If earlier I mainly talked with grandmothers and mothers – they ordered houses and a souvenir, but now my customer is on the same wavelength with me, and I really like it. I don’t overpriced my toys. The cheapest – a small karambit knife – costs from 700 tenge. But in a month with sales from stores, a normal amount comes out. My job now is the main income of the family. On me and rent an apartment, and the payment of other bills.

Anuar talks about earning with pride. Sits in a chair in front of a computer. A newly acquired 3D printer chirps nearby, sculpting another character in the anime universe layer by layer. It will become a mold for a silicone toy. On the shelf there are ready-made forms for future superhero masks. In their small apartment there is only a kitchen and a room, the window of which overlooks the courtyard. The guy has a workshop here.

“It is very convenient to work without disturbing anyone,” says Anuar’s mother, and after a pause, adds: “Ambulances come to this area very quickly.

This is the most important thing for them now. Two years ago, Anuar was diagnosed with grade 5 arteriovenous malformation and posterior fossa cyst. Like a bolt from the blue: a young strong guy, excellent student, athlete, winner of republican competitions in hand-to-hand fighting, winner of the Kazakhstan contest of young entrepreneurs “Atameken” – and suddenly fainting, epileptic seizure …

Toty Tayshibaeva explains: the vessels of the brain develop abnormally, forming a ball that forms a tumor. As a result, there is a deterioration in blood supply and oxygen starvation of the brain. Hence the convulsions, and frequent unbearable headaches, nausea, tinnitus. Anuar’s blood pressure rises from a small load. In addition, numerous aneurysms have formed in the young man’s brain, which doctors usually call a time bomb. Now, under a medical ban, the guy has all the stresses, and you even need to rejoice with caution. A stroke is possible at any time.

“A tumor the size of a chicken egg is located under the brain, as it were,” Toty says. – Therefore, it is almost impossible to remove it. But to date, Anuar has already undergone four operations. Their goal is to de-energize the tumor without opening it. A special adhesive solution and wires are injected through the venous artery in his leg to strengthen the aneurysms. Now we are waiting for the son to be irradiated. There is such equipment in Kazakhstan, but it does not work yet. As we were explained, because of the pandemic, the people responsible for setting it up cannot come. And we cannot afford treatment abroad.

Anuar’s fourth operation was performed in January. But in March he was again in the hospital with a suspected stroke. As my mother says, I had a severe headache and speech became unclear. Tothy praises the doctors who rushed to help his son. The workers of the local ambulance substation already know Anuar – they often see each other. The hospital eliminated the consequences of the crisis, treated me. At this time, the woman herself went to youth parties, selling her son’s goods. It’s not hard for Thota. She is an avid anime fan. When Anuar is distracted by a phone call, she tells the cherished:

– Every day is like a leap into the unknown. We do not know how much is meted out to him. I decided to just love him with all my strength and be his best friend. We are a team. If not for the diagnosis of his son, he would have already achieved a lot. He’s so purposeful and positive! We do not look at our future through the prism of diagnosis. On the contrary, we live and dream of many things. For example, about a production that could be launched. People with special needs would be hired, providing talented and hard-working people with the opportunity to earn money.

Using my boy as an example, I want to tell people that they should not look for excuses for themselves. You can’t give up on your dreams.

Anuar agrees with her: if a person is able to dream and is ready to work, he is omnipotent.

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