“Wonfes Online” Total number of transactions 7300 AmiAmi, Sega and other exhibitors also responded –KAI-YOU.net

Exhibition and sales event of garage kits such as 3D modeling and figures “Wonder Festival 2021[秋]」(WF2021[秋]) Was affected by the corona wreck, and on October 9th, “WF2021[秋]onlineWas held as.

About 330 booths will be exhibited on the day.The total number of transactions of “Same-day copyright application products” that received limited production, exhibition, and sales permission from the copyright source using the executive committee as a window7300 casesBeyond.

Many works were sold online, and it was an opportunity to meet the passion of the creator once in a while.

[20 images]Beautiful figures exhibited

Yoshimoto plastic model club and Aircos also “WF2021[秋]」

While being forced to cancel three times due to the influence of the corona wreck, “WF2021” aimed at approaching a wide range of people, not just figure fans.[秋]」。

Unfortunately, the event was canceled due to an increase in the number of infected people and the tight situation at the medical site, but many people were able to secure a place to announce and sell the works of the dealers who were making the sculptures. “WF2021″ to convey the wonderfulness and passion of the work[秋]”Online” was held.

In the event, Punk Boo Boo, Tetsuo Sato, Osamu Wakai, Charlie Itagaki, Sato Period., Rough control Moriki et al.Yoshimoto Plastic Model DepartmentAnd KaiyodoMiyawaki SenmuTalk video is released.

Miyawaki Senmu gave advice on the plastic models created by the members, and the completion ceremony of the plastic model presented by Miyawaki Senmu to Mr. Sato of Punk Boo Boo was held.

In the commentary on the plastic model, Kotobukiya’s “Danbo” produced by Mr. Sato, who is also the director, was commented by Miyawaki Senmu with a loving comment on the technique that was particular about the details. , Selected as the best work.

In addition, at the completion ceremony of the plastic model, we tried to run the work for the first time, but there was an accident that the tires did not touch the ground and we could not run.

Miyawaki Senmu, who couldn’t see it, unveiled Senmu’s “running” treasure, “Kettenkrat” made in Germany, as a surprise, and there was also a surprise that all members of the Yoshimoto plastic model club conducted a test run and test drive.

In addition, “Cosplay planning and distribution planning on Twitter”Air cosplayIn collaboration with “Wonder Festival 2022[Winter]”, a plan to talk about the memories of Wonder Festival and a plan to present an invitation ticket for “Wonder Festival 2022[Winter]” were also held.


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