World Cosplay Summit, event in attendance on 7 and 8 August

The World Cosplay Summit announced that despite the state of emergency will organize an event both in virtual and physical form for the 2021.

The organizers have chosen Nagoya as the seat and the dates of August 7 and 8. In particular, the space of Oasis21, a structure that contains tourist terminals, shopping and dining areas, the contemporary form of the old shopping centers.

The days are designed with a formula mixed. The photo sessions will alternate with events on the stage and contributions video by those who cannot participate in person.

wcs world cosplay summit

However, this is a semblance of normality, after the event had had to cancel what is considered the in 2020 world Championship of cosplay due to the health emergency, having to fall back on a lighter and completely virtual version.

This news is directly linked to other events around the world, which are usually an opportunity for training and selection for cosplayers who have the will and ability to compete with other fans in the land of anime.

Certainly the organizational machine will be put in place also in Italy, where it will be necessary to organize and try to determine who can represent us in Japan, compatibly with the current situation

The Executive Committee of the World Cosplay Summit also includes the Japanese Foreign Ministry, Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya Municipality, Nagoya Tourism Department, Osu District Traders Association and TV Aichi, Aichi Television Broadcasting, which deals with the side technical.

This decision reflects Japan’s willingness to restart, at a time when the country will be there for all to see Olympic Games, whatever the form in which it will be possible to organize them. It remains to be seen whether it will be possible to deliver on these promises or whether there will be a new slip.

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