World Tribulation Youcheng is recommended to match the strongest character match strategy[多图]-Novice Guide-Game Bird Mobile Games Network


Bing Li, Yin Jianping, Han Ganxiu, Gulunde, Jian Xie, Huang Fu Shen

All in all, the three most recommended characters for the start are Ge Yunyi, Xianghuanzi, and Feng Lingsheng from the T0 gradient. The comprehensive performance of these three roles is very outstanding, it is worth investing resources to focus on training. The role of T2, although the late strength is average, but it is enough to open up wasteland.

Introduction to professional features:

The knight has high offensive and defensive capabilities, and has a medium blood volume. It is a melee career as a backbone force. The iron guard has a high blood and thick defense, which can help nearby friendly forces resist damage, and is one of the necessary professions. Conjurer is a long-range occupation with extremely high damage, and has a wide range of damage skills. A burst of high damage attribute restraint can be extremely strong against the enemy Iron Guard. The positioning of the feather warrior and the curse teacher is the same, the difference is that the feather warrior uses physical output, which can effectively target the professions with high magic defense and insufficient physical defense. Zhu You is also an essential occupation, an important auxiliary occupation in this mobile game, which can restore blood volume and impose buffs. The biggest feature of Yufeng is the long hand. It can move five blocks per round, which can well target the enemy’s crispy class.


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