Yin Yu’s case book recorded MAD-cosplay work

Every videographer should not only think about weddings really only shoot, at least I don’t like this, sometimes I also think about movies and other things … Thank you because you have a group of people accompanying me to realize my dreams. the dream would be bigger ~ It’s like Ang Lee ~ But if we talk about Ang Lee without such a first step, I think it would be too far-reaching ~ unrealistic ~ Thank you for having such a group of people accompany us realize our dreams ~ ^ __ ^ Of course I hope someone after watching this video ~ I love this novel recorded in the case of Yin and Yu books together with us! by Joy Jack Lanfang Black History Summary ———– —— ——————– Yu family looks like an ordinary family with three people. However, their peaceful home life was hit by waves to this day, because the head of the family decided to adopt Di Yu, an orphan from the murder in Miemen. This story revolves around Shaodi’s young genius, and his brother’s fairness. A strange murder in the contradiction between science and mystery, dazzling spark hot spark, but things are not simple, and the hearts of people they are even more difficult. , Are You Ready to Discover the Truth? As time passes, it has been more than a year since Xiaoyu came to Yu’s house. The longer she gets along with Ain, the more her emotions are expressed, but every time everyone doesn’t pay attention, the smile that curls her mouth secretly is hidden What is the secret? What tactics did he and Fang Yixun secretly perform? The threats and warnings that followed were a crisis and a shortcut to the truth. At the end of the story, everything began to change slowly. Shaodihong // Yueyue Yuyin // Weed Planting Xiaohai // Chen Xiaojing Fang Yixun // Ai Huang Wang Zhaotang // April 1 Lin Yaqing (female ghost) // R Jun ——– — Super * Friendly guest appearance of Xiao Hu, Huang brother, San Xian, Mark Pi, April 1st – ———- Photography // Yue Lanfang, Assistant Brand Pi // San Xian Zong Zhao // Month post-monthly // Produced by Yue Lanfang // ACG Team Pioneer Image

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