You created your anime – Tricky – tests for girls

IN THIS TEST you will create your anime (well, not obvious?). I believe that anime is Japanese art, a Japanese masterpiece. You worry about the hero more than about your life. And if you try to create your own anime, what would it be? Go down, answer questions: 3

1. Describe yourself in one word
Example: truth, spite, kindness

2. What will the mouse do if it sees you?
Example: run away, hide

3. Where did you see the mouse? IN…
Example: basement, mansion

4. Describe yourself in one word (same as in 1)
Example: truthful, evil, kind

5. Write the first syllable of your name
Example: Le, Lee, Dee

6. What word do you associate with summer?
Example: heat, sun, grass

7. How would you describe your favorite character in two words? (predictable)
Example: selfish, narcissistic; kind, dear.

8. And if the opposite?
Example: insecure, kind; evil, harmful.

9. What color is your desktop (if not, what color is your phone)?
Example: brown, black, white.

10. What color do you associate with spring?
Example: brown, pink.

11. Emotion. What did you do?
Example: frightened, delighted.

12. What to do? Strange action
Example: talking to yourself, measuring the whole world.

13. Emotion. What did you do?
Example: happy, scared

14. The last syllable of your last name and the first syllable of your name
Example: Vava, Naok

15. Your favorite anime genre. No what?
Example: comedy, horror

16. Absolutely any genre of anime (except for the one in question 15).
Example: horror, drama

17. What brand is your phone? First three letters
Example: Sam, Nok, Xia

18. I will dial any number on the keyboard
Example: 2717, 4738

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