Young Sasuke’s Chidori in the new Iron Kite collectible figure

Together with Rasengan, Chidori is the jutsu that most represents the first Naruto series. In fact, this powerful sound-only ability made the community fall in love. Transmitted from Kakashi to Sasuke, we admire the Millefalchi in the new collectible statue made by Iron Kite Studio.

In view of the final test of the chunin exam, in which he would face Gaara of the Desert, Kakashi taught his most powerful technique to Sasuke, who within some time learned it thanks to his genius.

With a jutsu of this magnitude at his disposal, young Uchiha gave us some of the best moments of the classic Naruto series: from the fight with the sand ninja, to the unforgettable first confrontation with Rasengan in Naruto.

Iron Kite Studio presented a wonderful collectible statue that Sasuke is in ready to launch the Millefalchi. With an angry expression, and with the two-volume Sharingan active, the Uchiha is about to throw himself at the opponent, with his left hand already surrounded by the electric shocks of the Chidori.

The figure is made in 1: 4 scale and is 42 centimeters high. Already available for pre-order in limited units, this piece will debut in May 2022 at a price of 825 euros. What do you think of such beauty? Would you have preferred it in color?

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