Your Name: Hollywood remake of anime hit faces a new challenge


Your Name is one of the most successful animes of all time. That is why JJ Abrams has been working in Hollywood for a long time on a real-life version of the Coming of Age drama. Now the direction has to be reassigned.

In 2017, Paramount Pictures and JJ Abrams announced that they wanted to make the successful anime film Your Name – Yesterday, Today and Forever as a Hollywood blockbuster. These plans have not changed so far, but complications seem to arise again and again within production. First Marc Webb (The Amazing Spider Man) and now the chosen replacement Lee Isaac Chung gave up his role as director.

Lee Isaac Chung is best known for his 2020 family drama Minari – Where We Put Down Roots, which won an Oscar in several categories. He officially turned away from the new project because of scheduling problems. Deadline reportedthat Paramount Pictures is now feverishly looking for new candidates for the director’s chair.

Your name with real actors – a daring undertaking

The focus of Your Name is a schoolgirl from the country and a stressed city boy, both of whom long for the opposite way of life. Suddenly they start to wake up in the other person’s body and experience their day. This phenomenon occurs more and more often, but apart from a few complications, the two are quite satisfied with it – until one day an unpredictable event with major consequences occurs.

The Hollywood adaptation should prove to be a major challenge. Not only because the moving story has already been enchantingly implemented in the anime, but also because of the skepticism of many fans who do not want to see Your Name as a generic US drama on the screen.

After all, the impressively beautiful animations by the Japanese studio CoMix Wave were instrumental in the success of the original film, directed by Makoto Shinkai. Since it was released in theaters in August 2016, it has brought in over 380 million US dollars worldwide and was even considered the most successful anime of all time for several years. You can currently stream Your Name on Netflix, among others.

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