Youth and Joy animated the village

Two chairs. Youth and Joy animated the village. Organized by the association Jeunesse et Joie, the traditional garage sale brought together around forty exhibitors under the shade of the Maison des Jeunes and in the surrounding streets. Many were the shoppers who, throughout the day, sought the rare object.

In the afternoon, a public dictation was concocted by Jean Fondard, on the theme of the village of Deux-Chaises and small heritage, a text filled with subtleties that allowed no participant to make zero mistakes.

Victory went to Edith Lespinasse, from Cosne-d’Allier, who was awarded two entries for the Château du Max.

During the day, it was also necessary to discover the price of the basket filled with food, the exact amount of which was €45.94. Three competitors had to be decided.

At the end of the afternoon, the subscription draw took place. The following numbers won the first prizes: 380 (two meals at the Hôtel de France in Montmarault), 260 (plancha), 072 (two tickets to the PAL), then 087, 183, 363, 286, 140 and 202. All notebooks win a prize.

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