you’ve never seen such an adorable version of Luffy and Zoro like this

After 1,000 episodes, One Piece fans are still amazed by the discoveries of the lives of the main characters in the series. However, Eiichiro Oda is not the only one who does not rest for bringing new quality content, One Piece followers form a large community and in forums like Reddit they contribute new illustrations, cosplay and theories that would leave you speechless every day.

A few days ago we saw a spectacular Luffy cosplay with his current Wano look. On the other hand, a great social media artist has shared with the rest of the community a great drawing with a peculiar and adorable cartoon style:

They are each other’s right hand man!! (Made by me🥴) from r/OnePiece

So are the adorable versions of Luffy and Zoro, two of the most important crew members of The Straw Hats. Finally, we would like to recommend another post where we show you how the One Piece characters age, and rejuvenate.

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