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animation”Jujutsu KaisenYuki Igarashi, who became a hot topic for drawing the ED by himself, is an animation studio “OUTLINEWas established.

It will be the first workGen HoshinoThe music video for his song “Different World Mixed Dance (feat. Ghost)” has been released.

OUTLINE is an animation production group that holds Studio Colorido, which produced “Penguin Highway”.Twin engineBecame a creative unit within the organization Twin Engine EOTA.

[6 images]Cut of “Different World Mixed Dance (feat. Ghost)” MV

Yuki Igarashi “I wanted to try it because I could fail”

The launch of OUTLINE is “Genesis of Aquarion“or”Macross F]Etc., and the former representative director who founded Eight Bit Co., Ltd.KasiriWith the support of Mr.

Yuki Igarashi commented on the process of setting up the studio, “I simply wanted to try it because I could fail.”

Also, as a studio concept, “Creating attractive characters」「Pursuit of cutting-edge action」「A place for training that can be aimed at the top“.

Full comment by Yuki Igarashi
As for the background of setting up the studio, it is simply a word, “I wanted to try it because I could fail.” If you dig a little deeper, Hayao Miyazaki, Yoshiyuki Tomino, Hideaki Anno, and the creators around them, who inspired me to pursue the industry, are 50, 60 years old, and even 70, 80 years old. Seeing how happy I was making the work in a straight line, I simply wanted to be like this. At the same time, when I asked if I was working the way I am now and the future is really waiting for me, I had a strong feeling that it was different.
The changes in the environment surrounding anime over the last five or six years have been quite dramatic. Each company is worried about the shortage of human resources and the soaring quality required, exhaustion due to overconcentration of work, reset of human resources and works. If you do this, it will dry up. In the first place, the basis of my attempt to become an animator must have been the desire to “enjoy” and “continue to make” animation.
What are some of our predecessors that I don’t have? I thought that the main idea was to think about the balance between “making what you want to make” and “doing business with it” and “continuing that state as a team.” From that feeling, I began to undertake work other than drawing, such as directing and directing, and I was working to be involved in animation from a wider perspective, but due to the relationship, I made a studio like this and settled down and renewed. I had the opportunity to take on a new challenge. We hope you will support us in the long run.

Skills demonstrated in the anime “Keep Your Hands Off” and “Jujutsu Kaisen”

Yuki Igarashi is an anime “Don’t touch the video lab!]Animator who demonstrated his genius by taking charge of the storyboard, direction, animation director, design of the third episode, and the original picture of 60% of the video.

In the ED of the anime “Jujutsu Kaisen”, one person draws a stylish animation in which the characters dance to the music.20 million plays in half a yearBreak through.

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