‘Yumi’s Cells’ Kim Go-eun X Ahn Bo-hyun, character poster released

‘Yumi’s Cells’ Special cells live in the heads of Go-eun Kim and Ahn Bo-hyun.

Teabing’s original ‘Yumi’s Cells’ (directed by Lee Sang-yeop, creator Song Jae-jeong, script Kim Yun-ju, Kim Kyung-ran, provided by Teabing, produced by Studio Dragon, Mary Cow, Studio N), which will be released simultaneously on TV and tvN on September 17th, will show Yumi on the 31st. (Kim Go-eun) and Goo Woong (Ahn Bo-hyun)’s minds are revealed by releasing a character poster that stimulates interest.

The character poster released on this day steals attention with the fresh chemistry of Yumi, Goo Woong and Cell. ‘Sephoz’ appeared, sending each signal above the heads of the two with warm smiles.

The cells that just popped out of the head add fun to Yumi and Goo Woong’s personalities.

First, the cells in Yumi’s head show a cute charm that resembles Yumi. Starting with love cells, which are prime cells (cells that represent people), reason in charge of Yumi’s thoughts and emotions, emotional cells and gloomy cells with a unique dizzying pose, anxious cells next to them, and hysteria where sensitivity is felt from the facial expression. Us, the detective cell that moves the sharp nib, and the fashion cell that exudes hip sensibility attract attention one after another. Most of all, the huge presence of the cellulosic cells, who make a satisfying expression while eating ‘Sepokgang’, evokes a pleasant laugh.

On the other hand, Goo Woong’s cells also boast a formidable personality. Starting with the hair cells that are absolutely responsible for Guwoong’s visuals, the training cells devoted to honing their skills, the love cells with a cute heart above their heads, and the opposite sex cells in panic. Here, the clever gag cells, the wretched demon king who turned his head as if he didn’t like something, the nungsaurus who cries with his gloomy thoughts, and the mysterious cute frog, the more you look, the more attractive the cells are. raise it high Attention is focused on the cells that will provide fresh fun while sharing the daily life of the lively Yumi and the warm Goo Woong.

Go-eun Kim and Ahn Bo-hyeon foreshadow the transformation of acting by decomposing into ‘Yumi’ and ‘Guwoong’, respectively. Go-eun Kim takes on the role of Yu-mi, an ordinary office worker who is trapped in the yoke of ‘no-jam’. Yumi, who has been repeating the boring daily life missing from romance, unexpectedly meets Goo Woong one day. Goo Woong, played by Ahn Bo-hyeon, is a game developer who uses the ‘Yes or No’ algorithmic thinking circuit. At first glance, he seems like a typical engineering guy with zero emotional communication, but if you look closely, he has a frank, straightforward and delicate charm. Goo Woong, who has a completely different personality from Yumi, stimulates the anticipation of what kind of incident he will be involved with. The wave that their meeting will bring to the ‘cell village’ also raises curiosity.

Director Lee Sang-yeop said, “‘Yumi’s Cells’ is a delightfully and lovingly portrayed day-to-day story of Yu-mi, an ordinary office worker, and her cells. The story of Yumi’s love and growth, who happily navigates through the dramatic moments of everyday life, will give a warm smile and empathy.” It will look a little different.”

Creator Song Jae-jeong, Kim Yun-ju, and Kim Kyung-ran also cited ‘deep sympathy’ as the charm of the work, and said, “It is not the story of someone gorgeous and grandiose, but the story of Yumi who resembles me. It could cause it,” he said.

‘Yumi’s Cells’, produced as a season system, is a cell-stimulating sympathetic romance depicting the story of an ordinary Yumi who eats, loves, and grows with cells. It is the first Korean drama to be produced in a format that combines live-action and 3D animation, and expects a different kind of fun.

TVing’s original ‘Yumi’s Cells’ will be released simultaneously on TV and tvN at 10:50 pm on Friday, September 17th.

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