Zack Snyder’s “Army of the Dead 2” is officially in progress ·

The zombies’ hunger is far from satisfied: Netflix and director Zack Snyder are actually working on “Army of the Dead 2”.

You couldn’t get enough of the crazy skirmishes between the motley mercenary troop around Dave Bautista’s Scott Ward and the undead horde of head zombie Zeus in Zack Snyder’s “Army of the Dead”? Then you can be happy now, because Netflix and the 55-year-old filmmaker are working loudly The Hollywood Reporter now officially on a sequel.

It’s part of a new first-look deal between the streaming service and Snyder’s production company The Stone Quarry Productions, which he runs with his wife, producer Deborah Snyder, and Wesley Coller. So for the next two years, Snyder will be producing almost exclusively for Netflix. Before that he was with Warner Bros. for many years, but at the traditional studio there were only conflicts between the Snyders and the studio bosses. It was important to them to find a partner who would give them a lot of creative freedom, says Deborah Snyder:

“It was so important for us to strive for a partnership that is characterized by mutual respect. The creative process works best when everyone trusts one another and when you can see opportunities and be creative. […] And Netflix gives us a lot of freedom. At the same time, they are open to trying new things and do not wait for success before continuing. “

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And the direction is already given: implement your own ideas instead of falling back on the intellectual property of others. Next “Army of the Dead 2“And the previously announced” Rebel Moon “, which Zack Snyder describes as his personal” Star Wars “story, is also working on an action project for Zack Snyder’s second unit director Damon Caro. The motto: “Big projects, big films.”

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“Army of the Dead”: Prequel spin-offs are coming this year

It will be a long time before it continues. Fortunately, further spin-off prequels were started early on, so that viewers don’t have to wait too long for new zombie food to appear. It starts with fan favorite Ludwig Dieter (Matthias Schweighöfer) in “Army of Thieves”. The already wacky heist film is supposed to be in the Herbst 2021 are provided via Netflix and sends the accomplished German safe cracker together with his own team (including Nathalie Emmanuel and Ruby O. Fee) on a secret mission across Europe. Schweighöfer directed this himself.

In contrast, it is definitely zombie-heavy in the anime “Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas“. Here the merciless struggle for survival in the gaming metropolis Las Vegas is thematized, which was only touched upon in the spectacular opening credits of “Army of the Dead”. All performers will return to their respective roles and speak. The anime is provided in Spring 2022.

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