Zack Snyder’s film studio signed an exclusive contract with Netflix –

July 22, 2021 00:54

Stone Quarry Productions, run by director Zack Snyder, his wife Deborah and producer Wesley Koller, have signed to Netflix. The Hollywood Reporter.

The two-year deal ties the filmmaking team to the streamer.

As part of the contract, Snyder plans to direct the sci-fi movie Rebel Moon. In addition, the development of “Army of the Dead – 2” is underway, but first the service will release an anime and a prequel. Eve Snyder showed a poster prequel – “Army of Thieves”.

“Big projects and more films. My goal is to deliver as much quality content as possible on a grand scale, ”said the director.

Army of the Dead premiered on Netflix on May 21. In April released the first Russian trailer for a zombie movie. Soon became knownthat Snyder’s Army of the Dead will receive two prequels.

Formerly Snyder spoke out about the ban on oral sex between Batman and Catwoman.


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