Zelda 35th Anniversary fan directs animated short about one of Ocarina of Time’s potential endings

As you know or as you probably noticed, yesterday we celebrated the 35th series anniversary The Legend of Zelda. A saga which, through the ages, has marked the lives of many players. A saga which also knew in 35 years of existence adapt and evolve with the times (hello The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild). If today we are telling you about this anniversary, it is for good reason.

In order to pay tribute to this incredible license, a French fan under the pseudo of RwanLink made an animated short film. Available below as well as on his channel Youtube, the author offers us here his vision of one of the alternative ends of The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time, the one that could most closely resemble the decline timeline.

What is impressive is that everything has been entirely created from A to Z (animation, VFX, musics, sounds, scenario, etc.) and the result is astounding. We let you judge for yourself. Do not hesitate to tell us what you think in the comments. If you are interested, find our special quiz The Legend of Zelda ICI.

To celebrate 35 years of The Legend of Zelda I wanted to create a story about the Zelda Ocarina of Time decline timeline using the Unreal Engine 4. This animation is in real time. During these last 6 months I worked on this animation in which I show you my vision of this unknown story but which is present in the official chronology.


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