ZLaner disqualified from Twitch Rivals for cosplaying Dr. Disrespect

Throughout these days the Twitch Rivals Warzone Showdown, but it is not coming out as “clean” as the live platform could wish for. To the case of hackers at the tournament, a new disqualification is added as a result of a curious cosplay of Dr. Disrespect…

As you well know, Dr. Disrespect is one of those streamers that moves a large number of followers in all his broadcasts, but for quite some time, he has been banned from Twitch. Despite the multi-million dollar contract between them, the live platform decided to ban him from its platform, with no apparent reason for him streamer.

Dr. Disrespect, one of Twitch’s public enemies

Well, just before this Twitch Rivals that is being played at this precise moment, a ZLaner (Warzone content creator), he came up with the brilliant idea of ​​dressing his broadcast in a cosplay of Dr. Disrespect.

After this, the same July 20th, he was informed that «I was not eligible for Twitch Rivals«. The clear thing about this situation is that ZLaner and Dr. Disrespect are friends, and they used to broadcast together. As a joke, she appeared one day with him cosplay on his stream, and curiously now comes the Twitch notice. Even so, the platform has not given reasons for this, but rumors are already running.

the same Dr. Disrespect retweeted his friend’s picture with this outfit, adding more spice to the matter if possible. In fact, ZLaner is considering dropping Twitch exclusivity, as he cannot share streams with his friend. We will have to wait to see what happens, although it is clear that Doc is not going to return to the platform in a short period of time.. Meanwhile, Twitch Rivals goes ahead for a juicy prize to be shared among the winners.

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