Zwei’s first 2021 audience and live concert to sing the ED theme of the TV anime “Steins; Gate Zero” and the ED theme of the game “OCCULTIC; NINE” will be held on October 1st (Friday)! – Lis Ani! WEB-Anime / Anime Music Portal Site

Zwei has decided to hold the first live audience and live concert of 2021 singing the ED theme of the TV anime “Steins; Gate Zero” and the OP theme of the TV anime “Robotics Notes” on October 1st (Friday). The intense rock sound and colorful performances of the two are a must-see.

The live will be held at Kichijoji NEPO on October 1st (Friday), and tickets will be sold for 20 people only.

Visitor / delivery tickets are on sale, and delivery tickets are on sale until 19:00 on October 3 (Sun), including the archive period.

In this live, we are planning to make use of the characteristics of the venue where the image can be projected on the entire wall with a projector, and since the distribution will be delivered in real time from the venue, you can enjoy a powerful live even from home. can.

In addition, the new song will be unveiled for the first time at the live concert. Ayumu wrote the lyrics for this new song, expressing the words and worldview that he wants to convey “now”, and Megu worked on Sound Produce entirely to build that worldview in terms of music. It is a song with a strong artist color.

Please look forward to the intense rock sound and the colorful performances of the two who change their expressions in detail depending on the song.

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